Brand Story

Buteo Huang was born in Taiwan, a beautiful island in East Asia, in 1962. Taiwan is subject to monsoons, so kites may be flown in all seasons. At 10 years of age, Huang and his elder brothers were able to send a simple diamond-shaped kite up into the white clouds. The emotionally moving “meeting of kite and clouds” began Huang’s career in making kites. In 1996, Huang began participating in international kite performance events, and won the top award at the 2002 International Kite Festival in Holland. In 2005, he won the top award at the International Kite Festival in the United States, and New York Times published a feature-length article, “His visions of Taiwan soar, from a very long string” to introduce his kite art. The worldview of humans has completely changed since the invention of the computer and mobile phone. In order to prevent losing their way in global trends that revolve around the internet, many countries are adopting the promotion of cultural and creative industries as important policies. Buteo Huang has also started to attempt mass production in order to popularize this unique cultural tradition. Other than the desire to increase recognition of Taiwan, he also hopes that his creations can be appreciated in the sky throughout the world.